Saturday, April 4, 2009

Car Salesmen

A couple of days ago, I received an interesting call from a car salesman from the dealership where I purchased my last vehicle (which was April of 2008).

Here is the gist of the conversation after introductions:

Him: "How is your Altima doing?"

Me: "Great! I love it!"

Him: "That's good. Have you thought about upgrading?"

Me: "My car isn't even a year old yet."

Him: "True, but this year's models are pretty awesome if you would like to take a look at them."

Me: "I am really not thinking about upgrading anytime in the next three years. Last year, the rising fuel and insurance costs brought me in to see about trading in my Pathfinder and the only reason I did end up trading it in is because what I owed on it was less than what trade-in value was, basically giving me a $2,000 down-payment on the Altima. Which means that right now I am wayyyy upside down on the Altima and I have no desire to roll negative equity into a new car loan."

Him: "Well, we are offering dealer incentives that you qualify for since you are such a great customer." (Oh - I love to hear I am a great customer!)

Me: "Are the incentives paying off whatever is owed, no matter what the amount, without rolling over negative equity into the new car loan?"

Him: "Well, no - "

Me: "Are any of the incentives paying tags, title and liscense upfront, NOT rolling it into the car loan? Cause last year I had to pay $1800 for T, T&L."

Him: "Well, no - "

Me: "Then, no, I am really not interested. Sorry!"

Hang up phone.

I know car dealerships are hurting for business right now, but calling someone who has a brand new car already is probably NOT the best way to drum up business. I really do love my car. When I traded in my much loved Pathfinder, I was in tears. But I picked out a car that I would love to drive for at least the next four years.

I know I should keep cars longer than I do. I have a habit of trading in vehicles every three years or so. Actually, the Pathfinder was the vehicle I held onto the longest... 4 years.

But even someone who turns vehicles over at such a rate doesn't do it every year!

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