Sunday, April 12, 2009

Electric Bill

Well, this month I had budgeted $60 for my electric bill. This was a good estimate based on past billing cycles for this month in this house.

Imagine my suprise when I got the bill and it was only $47 dollars!

Granted, I have been walking around, turning lights off. I also had to get a new fridge last month (mine went BOOM) so a newer model probably is more energy efficient than my 15 year model. I also have been changing out my lightbulbs as they burn out to the energy saving versions. (Saving energy is cool - but not having to change a lightbulb for years is even cooler! I have some I changed out 2 years ago that are still going strong!)

So, that is even more extra money I now have.

Today I went ahead and sent $150 more towards Capital One. I really wanted to send more, but I am being cautious. It does me no good to send all the eggs just to have to borrow them back!

Happy Easter everyone!

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