Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To vacation or not vacation..that IS the question....

My parents are such wonderful and lovely people. I love them dearly.

They want to take a vacation. They want me and the girls to go with them. Everything would be paid for, since my wonderful parents have decided that I am not to pay for anything regarding a vacation with them. Unless I really, truly, absolutely feel that I must pay for something, in which case I will be allowed to take everyone out to dinner one night. But even then, if the bill is more than $75, they will pay anything over that amount.

Gasoline getting there? No Problem. Mom will write a check.

What if I need to stop overnight (since it is an 11 hour drive with two children, 10 and 7)? No problem, mom will include that in the check.

Sounds divine, doesn't it?

A week at the beach, paid for, sand between my toes, enjoying watching my children building sandcastles and burying grandpa in the sand.... drinking daiquiri's with my mom after the girls go to bed, enjoying the sea breezes.....

But, I don't get paid vacation.

If I take time off, I LOSE income.

At the current pace of business at my bar, a week off could mean a loss of up to $1400. For ONE WEEK. (Well, 10 days - and that includes two Fridays and two Saturdays)

I really do want to go enjoy time with my parents. I want my children to spend time with their grandparents. They aren't always going to be around. I want my children to have memories with their grandparents.

Of course, I also do not want to lose income. I don't want my debt payment schedule to be pushed back because of a vacation.

I am not really sure what to do in the scenerio. Last year we went, and my mother also included some money in a check to off set my not working. I am pretty sure she would do the same thing this year.

It is something I have to think about. I also have to check with my boss to see if I can even take the time off, due to personnel issues.

I shouldn't be thinking too hard about this. I should just go and enjoy the time with my family.

But darnit, I am looking at this debt and I want it GONE!

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