Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It has been too long since I have entered a post. I do apologize for this. Life has gotten very hectic between school, work, interning and being a single mother of two very energetic little girls. Still, that is no excuse when posting takes literally just minutes of my day and will help keep myself in line.

As far as debt goes, I have paid off my HSBC credit card 3 weeks ahead of my projected pay off date. I am quite excited about this!

I am projected to have Mohawk and Capital One paid off by July 2009. I am thinking about just killing Mohawk now, since the balance is under $400. (The only reason I haven't yet is because that line of credit is at 0%interest until August.) I was just going to pay $133 a month until July to have it paid off, but I am really thinking about just killing it.

I was lucky enough to be able to cash flow a major purchase last month; a new fridge. Mine went out and I just can't live without a fridge. The total cost for the appliance was $778. It is energy efficient, but most importantly, it is the size I need to be able to grocery shop once a month and freeze meals for when I am having hectic days.

I do have a fully funded dentist fund (well, it may not be as much as the work will cost... we will have to see. But I had a capped amount for that envelope and it is fully funded to $1,000) My appointment is April 20th. At that point I will at least get Xrays and a cleaning, which I should have more than enough for. IF I need any more work, I will get estimates from the Dentist to make sure that I add that amount within my budget.

I also have saved $1000 towards my tuition so far, which means I still have $1000 to go.

I have been successful in my endeavors of having a buffer fund in my checking account and with saving everything I earn in one month to use the following month. February was the first month where everything I earned I saved for March, and it has worked out well. This month I have saved everything for the month of April. I actually like this method a lot more than a week to week budgeting method. I know exactly how much I have to spend at the beginning of the month, and I can plan accordingly.

I do plan on updating more often. Hopefully this lapse was just a temporary thing!

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