Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuition update

As of today, I have $1500 saved towards my $2000 tuition for this semester.

$1000 of that was saved this month alone.

Of course, work has been really, really good the last few months. And, since I am saving all earnings during the course of the month to use the following month, I have a precise look at my actual financial picture and see exactly where my money is going.

Also by planning this way, I am keeping myself from blowing money on things I don't even remember.

So, I am giving my budgeting system a gold star. YaY for the budgeting system!

I can't even expain how great it feels that I actually have saved so much for my tuition. The last two years I have saved a little bit but usually used credit cards to pay the majority of it. (Which is part of the reason why the Providian card is so high)

It also feels great to be plugging my spending leaks and to see exactly where my money is going and actually TELLING my money where it is going to go. I think I have just sold myself on budgets.

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