Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Balance Update

Providian: 11,298
Discover: 4,773
Chase: 2,526
Capital 1: 1,793
HSBC: 0.00
Mohawk: 394
Target Visa: 0.00

Total: $20,784

Providian Balance has gone up, right after Chase took over my Providian (or WAMU) account. My interest rate has gone from 9% to 24% and my minimum payment (which was coming directly out of my checking account) was not even covering the interest. I have corrected this issue and am now paying $315 a month towards this debt so at least I am paying more than just interest.

Mohawk and Capital One are the next two debts on my kill list. As I said earlier, I was just going to pay $133 per month until July and have Mohawk paid off right at the time the 0% interest went away - but I am now thinking about just killing it during the month of April. It really all depends on how the last four shifts I work this month go. If they go really well, I will kill the debt in April. But I also have to save another $1000 for tuition which I have to have paid by the end of April, so I may have to redirect funds from snowballing into tuition payments. I have saved $1,000 towards tuition within the last two months as well as paid off HSBC ($1200), so I have made progress.

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