Monday, March 30, 2009

Last working shift of March

Today was the last working shift I had for the month of March. It was a slow shift, earning me $65 which I used to fund my entertainment envelope for the month of April.

This completes the April budget. Everything is accounted for. All mandatory expenses are covered; all sinking funds and envelopes are funded. Now it is up to me to keep myself within budget. Since I have assigned every dollar earned in March to a category for April, there is no room for deviation.

Before, this would have scared me. Now, it doesn't. Perhaps it is because I budgeted specifically for expenses such as food, gasoline, entertainment, clothing, and gifts. Since I have money set aside for these expenses, I am not concerned about what happens if I need to go to the grocery or if I need to fill my tank up with gasoline or buy a birthday present. I know that I have funds available specifically for these purposes, which alleviates any fears I would have in having no room for deviation of the budget.

So, for the month of April I have two main goals. One, save every dime I earn in the month to apply as income for the month of May and keep myself at budget for all categories funded.

Since I have everything covered for the month of April and also have a checking account buffer and an Emergency fund, it should't be a problem in accomplishing goal one.

Goal two has been made a bit easier because of the cash funded system. All fixed expenses are covered via the checking account and all discretionary type expenses are covered via funded envelopes. Once I am out of money in an envelope, I am out. There is no more money to be had.

I am anxious to see how the month goes. I have a good feeling that it is going to be a very positive experience.

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