Thursday, March 26, 2009

A self-imposed budget meeting

Techinically, I still have three more working shifts until I call the month of March closed and begin to save all earnings for April. However, instead of waiting until April 1st to comprise my April budget, I sat down today and starting working out all the kinks.

So here it goes:

Current Bank Balance: 1775.00
Child Support Deposit: 175.00
GI Bill Deposit: 1320.00
Cash on Hand: 1250.00

Total: 4520.00

Debits from Checking Account for the month of April:

Mortgage: 355.00
Electric: 60.00
Natural Gas: 67.00
Water: 71.57
Cable: 105.00 (includes internet, phone, and extended basic cable)
NMAC: 600.00
Insurance: 104.15 (Car insurance and life insurance)
Old Republic: 132.00
Chase: 60.00
Providian: 307.00
Discover: 120.00
Target: 20.00
Capital One: 100.00
Cell Phone: 80.00
*Mohawk: 133.00 - have already paid this amount and it has already cleared the bank and is reflected in the current bank balance, thus is not added to this total amount*
Total: 2181.72

Cash funded Envelopes:

Daycare: 200.00
Gasoline: 80.00
Groceries: 300.00
Tuition: 500.00
Savings: 40.00
Christmas: 60.00
Clothing: 70.00

Total: 1250.00

Total Expenses: 3431.72

Income minus Expenses= 1088.28

Before this month of earnings is actually closed, I have already earned enough to pay all the bills and fund the envelopes.

I have decided to use the money I earn these last three working shifts towards tuition rather than towards Mohawk. Currently, I have $1000 saved towards my tuition which is $2000 this semester. It is very unlikely that I will earn $1000 in three shifts, but since two of the shifts are a Friday and Saturday night, it is quite possible that I could potentially earn about $600-$700. If I do indeed make that much, I will dip into the buffer fund to cover the difference on tuition and replace the funds with earnings from April which will end up being deducted from available funds in May.

But that would get this semester's tuition completed and I will be able to enroll in summer and fall classes during regular enrollment instead of late enrollment due to a tuition hold.

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