Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside that I got the "garden" bug.

Of course, I am on a budget. I do not have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to spend upgrading my garden right now.

So, I decided to work with what I have, plus $30 worth of materials. (Supplement Garden Soil for the window boxes, Pansies for the window boxes and for the garden for a splash of color, Cedar mulch, a flowering tree bush thing, and a new garden shovel because mine went missing)
*The $30 was spent using a gift card that I received as a Christmas Gift.

I had a lot of Mums planted from way back in October of 2007 that are still going strong and two bushes that I planted in 2002. The problem was I didn't like the way the mums were planted and one of the two bushes died last summer.

So, I dug up everything that was planted in the garden and then went to town digging up weeds, turning the soil in the garden and putting new soil in the window boxes.

Then I planted pansies in the window boxes and put the boxes back up.

Then I took a break and went into my back yard to just look around.

While looking around in my backyard, I found a rock. I liked the rock. I have no idea how the rock got into my backyard, but there it was. I decided to place the rock in the front garden.

After determining placement of the rock, I replanted the mums, planted the flowering shrub and remaining pansies and replanted the one bush that was still alive.

Then I took another break and went into my garage, where I found eight solar panel garden lights and three garden Gnomes. I do know where these came from. The solar panel lights I purchased about 4 months ago - they were on sale for $3 a piece. The Gnomes I received as a Christmas present.

So, I took those items and placed them in the garden.

After that, I put the mulch down. Cedar mulch smells so delicious.

There are some other things I would like to do to the garden. Such as extending it out the full length of the house and removing the wooden board border and putting up a new, pretty border. But for right now, this will have to work for my "curb appeal".

At least until I find a way to put some money into the "garden" line item on the budget. Of course, the budget for April is already done, so the earliest I would even be looking at that would be for May.
Which actually gives me time to think about what I really want and gives me time to research prices. Instead of buying things out of impulse and emotion, I will instead buy after being informed and deciding exactly how much money I want to spend.
Budgets. They are changing the way I live my life.

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  1. coool! I so wish i knew how to garden (or had the patience to do so)...good for you :)