Monday, March 30, 2009

Grocery Funds

I went to the grocery store today for my "First of the month" shopping trip. Yes, I am a day early, but I am paying in cash via my funded envelopes and I don't think one day ahead of the month is really going to effect my grocery budget.

I spent $179 at the grocery and still have some items that I would like left to buy. The reason? The prices of those items at the grocery store was more than what I can purchase the items for at the Dollar General store and at Walmart. (Although I really dispise Walmart and really would rather not walking into the door of the place. But, if it is going to give me realized savings for things I will buy anyway, since the store is directly on my way to and from work, I will go into the store.)

Of course, the things that I want to buy are NOT necessary items. Like Coca Cola. It was priced at $1.59 at the grocery store on sale. I can buy the same item at the Dollar General for $1.25. Chips (Doritos; Potato) were $3.59 at the grocery and they are only $2.50 for the same size at Walmart.

Now, these types of items may be things that I look into cutting from my food budget in the months ahead, but realistically, I WANT Coca Cola and I love chips. Especially at lunchtime to go along with a sandwhich. So, as of right now, they are staying in the budget, as long as I purchase them at the lowest price I can.

I plan on spending about $20 on soda and chips. That should last me the entire month.

Which will leave me with $101 to replenish things such as milk, eggs, bread, and fresh fruit midway through the month. $101 should be more than enough for these things.

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