Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Job

I start working at that other bar tomorrow night! Whoo hooo!

This seriously makes me feel better. Much better.

Now, I don't know how much I will make in tips (only time will tell that) so I really can't project any budgets, but since I have all the August bills covered this will give me a whole month to save every penny I make so I will know how much money I will have in September for the bills.

I do know that I will be making $7.25 an hour, which is the highest hourly wage for a server in this town. So, even if tips are not as much, I am getting paid a bit more. Every bit helps, yes?

I do not have an actual schedule this week. The owner has her schedules set out 2 weeks in advance. Even so, she told me to come in Friday to bartend and next week she will give me my schedule for the following week. So I still have basically another week without pay, but that is ok. I do have the buffer in my account so I should be alright.

While talking to the owner, she told me that her business is a little slow right now (summertime is usually slow for most bars) and that I probably wouldn't make as much as I was making at my last bar. She was trying to be as honest as possible with me, which I appreciate very much. Of course, I have already talked to pretty much all of my regular customers telling them that I am starting at the new place tomorrow night and they have all decided that tomorrow night they are going to the new place to have a "New Job" party for me - in which I get to serve them drinks and they get to give me money. Oh, my regulars make me laugh so much.

They make me laugh and they make my eyes fill with tears of gratitude. I don't expect any of them to leave the old bar to become regulars at a new bar - people are kinda funny about their drinking establishments. But the fact that they have decided to come in on my first night really means a lot to me.

Hopefully, they will like the new place enough to come in every once in a while. (Perferably when I am working) It certainly can not hurt if people come in because I am working there. Besides, more business tends to create more business.

So, it would be safe to say that my spirits are up, even if there are some unknowns. Just knowing that people are there for me has really shown me how fortunate I truly am.

Also, I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the Housing Division on post. A Soldier wanted to look at my house (it is being listed for rent) and asked if I could meet them there in 30 minutes. Of course I could, and did. The Soldier told me that he really liked the house and the housing manager told the Soldier that she thought my house was "the one" and then they stated that they were going to go to the rental management company listing the house to see about renting it.

The house will be available on the 1st (still have a couple more things to get done in the house) and hopefully it will be rented before then! But at the very least, hearing someone say that they really liked my house and that it was really cute did make me feel pretty good. For whatever reasons, I have a really big emotional tie to that property. It is like an extension of myself so hearing that was like someone complimenting me.

So here says the wonderful boyfriend, "I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING WOULD BE OK!"

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