Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still waiting...

I am still waiting for my GI Bill payments. My paperwork is showing being processed. Oh, I really can't wait to get the payment, though! Luckily, I had enough enough money to pay all the bills this month and I still have close to $800 in my checking account buffer, but I would feel much better having the rest of my money! Mainly because I do still need to pay $900 towards tuition and I have to go back to the dentist later in this month and I need that money in order to do those things!

In other financial news, I got a letter from HSBC today saying that they have lowered my credit limit from $2,000 to $300. I already paid off that debt, so the amount they have for me doesn't really matter. What does matter is that this will impact my credit score which can potential impact the interest rates my other debts will charge me! I guess when you pay your bills on time every month, you are the one that gets screwed. I mean, I know I owe quite a bit of money, but I am paying it back and I have never missed a payment. I am a bit perturbed about this. Chase lowered my credit limit by close to $800 last month, so it looks like this could be a domino effect. I really just hope the Providian/WaMu/now Chase card doesn't lower the limit since I am so close to the limit as it is. I may really have to look into putting the smaller cards on hold while I concentrate on the largest balance just so I don't get the limit lowered and owe more than the limit and then get stuck with all the fees and the inability to ever get out of that mess.

I will be so happy when I am out of credit card debt. I have no desire to ever use a credit card again after all of this mess. Just goes to show, everything you need to learn you did learn in Kindergarten - "The good suffer for the bad". I may not have been pristine, but I have always made my payments on time, have always paid my mortgage, car loans, utilities - everything - on time. It really stinks that after getting bailed out by the taxpayer, these companies are screwing the very people who bailed them out. Perhaps we should have just let them fail.

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