Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feel like things have just gone stagnant.

I am still waiting on my GI Bill money from the VA. Urgh.

I did manage to get the Cheerleading uniforms paid (everything except the warm-ups which we don't need until October) and the remaining of my dental work got split into two different appointments, so I am able to stall having to pay the full amount right now (only having to pay for one of the procedures instead of both yesterday) and the procedure I had done yesterday actually ended up costing less than originally thought, which does help with the money.

But without this GI Bill money, I am really just hanging on by a thread.

I have to average $150 a night for the rest of the shifts I work to cover all the bills in August if I don't get the GI Bill in time. So no extra debt payments projected at the current moment.

Plus, I still have to pay tuition for this summer, and without the GI Bill being deposited, I don't know how I am going to pay that. (I am still waiting for the rest of May and full June payments)

Hopefully the GI Bill money will be deposited soon!

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