Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, the man and his son came down to where the girls and I are last week. For them, it was a vacation (meaning they had to travel to get here!) - for us, a Stay-Cation.

OK - so although it is obvisouly cheaper to have a vacation in your own hometown (I don't know how this works in a small town - but where we are is pretty big) it still ended up costing some $$ bills ya'll!!!

I think the average was $150 a day for the 5 of us. Which I guess really isn't that bad - and it did include food, beverages and some touristy souveniors for the kids.

$150 x 5 days = $750

Holy Cripes!!!!!!!!!!

But, we had a lot of fun and did things that the kids will remember FOREVER. Like PLAYING with baby ALLIGATORS. Literally picking them up out of their baby pool and holding them. Yep. That was fun. Those baby alligators felt like really terrific purses. :)

But, the man and boy had to leave, which involved a lot of crying on my part. LOTS. Enough for me to consider packing up the car and going to where they are.

I mean, it isn't like I have a job yet. I am still waiting..... I can wait anywhere, right?

And, I miss them. I miss him. I am really sad without him.

I was sad before, but them coming here for a week made it worse. So now, I am thinking about spending another couple hundred in gas and an overnight hotel to go to where they are.

Even if the man will be at work ALL DAY.

Even if realistically I will see him for about 3 hours a day, IF I am lucky.


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