Friday, July 2, 2010

YOU SUCK letters, well, SUCK

I have decided that I am slowly going insane. (Or, maybe I am just slowly realizing that I AM insane. Either way)

And I think it is because I still do not have a job.

Oh, I know it isn't as easy as, "Hey! I graduated college and now I am living here! Hire me!" (Although I really really really do think that it should be!)

But really - I shouldn't get the nice version of "YOU SUCK" letters at this rate. Really. I shouldn't.

Like, really, Dollar General SHOULD NOT have sent me a nice version of "YOU SUCK AND WE AREN'T GOING TO HIRE YOU" letter. They should have sent me a "OMG! YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS" letter, because really, I AM.

So, for every "YOU SUCK" letter I am receiving, I have decided that it is more like a break-up letter. A break-up from a relationship I never had, but still. So I can tell myself things like:

Its their loss
They don't know what they are throwing away
I am too good for them anyway
I didn't like how they (insert whatever here)
They get all their crap from China anyway!

or whatever else fits the bill.

One day I will find the one (job) for me. Until then, I am stuck trying to find SOMEONE to go out with me on Friday nights. Without looking TOO desperate.

Because LOOKING desperate might actually be worse than BEING desperate.

And I am getting desperate.

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