Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to do....

I have applied for quite a few jobs, actually. I have applied for jobs that I am not even qualified for. I mean, the worst they can do is ignore me or tell me after review of my qualifications, other people are better qualified. (I am trying to be optimistic here!)

I do have about 5 resumes that are "under review" right now - which I suppose is better than they 20 I got back saying I wasn't qualified or there were better people out there. (I got turned down by the Dollar General. THE. DOLLAR. GENERAL.)

I did just put in for an events coordinator job in London. How fantabulous would THAT be?!? Well, only if it pays enough to actually LIVE in London with the children.

We have lived in Germany before and loved it and I always have been drawn to London as a romantic type of place. Why? I don't know. It isn't because of Jack of the Ripper, I tell you that!

But, anyways, in the meantime, I am really just hanging out with my family and helping my mom organize what used to be my bedroom which has turned into a closet. It is backbreaking labor. I should have taken a photo of what it originally looked like, but I didnt. I will post a photo once it is all done though.

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