Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving is not what it was supposed to be....

Well, we have moved.


It is not what it was supposed to be.

Since he has found out that he will have to leave the country for about 18 months basically a month after we were due to arrive, we have not moved to where his duty assignment will be.

The kids and I have come back home for an undetermined amount of time and are staying with my father for the time being.

I couldn't move back into my house because the renters are in it until Aug 1st. Had to get out of the house that we were living in because it is getting sold (can't afford the mortgage payment on that house PLUS another house at the duty station - yet another reason why we decided for us to come home right now)

So, I am job hunting. I have something in the works back were we came from and if it works out, we will be going back. If that becomes the case, the kids will stay with grandma and grandpa until the renters are out of my house and we move back into it and in the meantime I will sleep on a friends sofa.

I also have resumes out all over the country, so I could end up anywhere. My resume is under review for a position here at "home" - if that works out, I will sell my house and get a rental here.

All of our furniture and stuff is in storage back at the duty station - so if we end up here or anywhere else in the country, we will have to get it shipped to us. I looked into a U-Haul, but there is no way I can drive that thing. besides, I will find the extra grand so someone else has to load and carry all that stuff. Even though I made over 30 trips to the Goodwill, the storage area is packed and two other people and myself moved it all and it about killed me.

So, as much as I try to be better about updating the blog, there always seems to be stuff happening that takes my focus off of updating!

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