Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Intentions

As I am cleaning out all the crap - I mean, wonderful things - out of what used to be my bedroom, I am finding all sorts of good intentions.

Baby shower, Christmas, Birthday, Christening would be gifts are all shoved in whatever place my mother managed to find. And then forgotten that they were even purchased.

Organization can really save someone the time, money and hassle of purchasing items multiple times!

I am happy to report that I probably only need about 2 more weeks in my old bedroom to make it completely organized and user friendly.

But it may take me another 10 years working on the entire house. Maybe I should call in "Clean Sweep" or "Hoarders" - except my mother would never forgive me if I invited cameras into her house to show the world.

She keeps making the excuse that there just "isn't enough room". Well, no, there isn't. There is NOT enough room to keep everything. I mean, I found a babywipes container (it had sewing needles and thread in it, you know. She was green before green was cool) from when I was a BABY. That was over 30 years ago! She hasn't sewn a thing in the last 25 YEARS. Time to GET RID OF THAT CRAP!!!!!!!!!

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