Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 years later....

the state actually starts garnishing for Child Support payments!


My ex-husband has never been what you would call timely, current, or even concerned about his child support payments. Some months he sends full amounts, months go by with lessor amounts, even more months go by with zero amounts. But finally, the State has heard my call to enforce the child support order! (I bet they finally cashed that flashy $25 check I wrote them to actually ENFORCE the order as well! Imagine that! Have a deadbeat dad? Not on welfare? You better pay up some money to get the State to enforce that court order! Just be prepared to wait 8 plus years!!!!!!!)

The good news is that not only am I now getting weekly amounts, I also got what would have been his federal tax return - all 638 wonderful dollars of it!

I should be feeling so bad for him, losing out on his federal return and all. Except I am not. He is over 60 thousand dollars behind on child support payments, so excuse me if I don't give a rip whether or not he gets his federal tax return.

I just hope the State doesn't send him to jail for being so far behind. If they do that, we go back to nothing. I pray that he doesn't quit his job because they are garnishing his wages. He would be one to do something like that.... especially now that he has himself a new girlfriend who just moved in who, in his words, "has a really good job and is going to help pay the bills".

Lord help her. At least I can say I was 19 and stupid when I hooked up with that guy. I can say at 23 I thought maybe I needed to make it work for the kids. But at 31? That's just plain RETARDED.

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