Tuesday, March 2, 2010

State Tax Commission

Back in November/December, I had received a letter from my State's Tax Commission, stating that I owed them $3,800 in taxes for the year of 2006.

Right. 2006. The year I was living in Germany because I was a member of the United States Army. The year BEFORE I moved to this State. The year I was still paying taxes to the State of Louisiana - where my permenant address was.

So, I send in the copy of my 2006 tax form to get this mess straightened out. ( I still have no idea why they even *thought* I owed them money - urgh) It was supposed to be taken care of.

Until last Thursday, when I got another letter saying that they were taking my State tax refund and applying it to my 2006 tax debt.

Needless to say, I was on the phone in nanoseconds. After 2 days, I get told that the appropriate steps had now been taken to close my case and that I should be getting my state tax return in approximately a week. Also, a letter absolving me from this debt is in the mail for me.

I really hope this time it is all straightened out. But I really want to know why they thought I owed them money in the first place.

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