Monday, March 15, 2010

Disability Claim

Well, three years after I got out of the Army, I finally went in and started my disability claim.

I know, I am late. Yes, I should have gone earlier. But I didn't and I can't change that.

In any case, I claimed my knees (pretty much torn to shreds after falling in a ditch with 80 pounds on my back - oh, I was such a graceful Soldier!) migraines (started to occur after the 7th Anthrax shot. Don't get those. I wouldn't have, except that they made me. And yes, they can make you.) My lower back (partial sacralization of the 5th lumbar - whatever that means, I don't really know. But that was the diagnosis from the back doctor) and some various other things.

I have no idea what things will be covered and what will not (although I am pretty sure the knees, migraines and back will be covered) and I have no idea how much I will be awarded.

Although the money will help, I am more interested in being able to go to the doctor for the back, knees and headaches.

Hopefully I will get some type of monetary compensation, though. Only because my income is about to go down again with the end of my GI Bill and I do need something to make up the difference.

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