Thursday, March 4, 2010

Credit Report Check

Today I checked my credit report, just to make sure everything was the way it is supposed to be.

Imagine my suprise when I see that I am past due on two debts - debts that have been given to collection agencies.

So, I called to find out what I supposedly owed money for. One of them is a supposed Old Navy debt - $58 -yeah right. I paid that sucker in full in 2004. Now I have to get the bank to get me a copy of the cleared check if I can't find it through the online banking machine.

Second debt in collections is for BMG. $157.00. Um. Right. The dates associated with that account is when I was in Germany. (Being in Germany seems to have been bad for me!) I never received one music CD or anything else associated with that company - nor have I had a BMG account since I was a teenager. So, I have to dispute that one as well. The company said I just dispute it online with the credit bureaus.

Both customer service people I spoke to were pleasant. No nasty yelling or anything about my not having paid them money. But to be honest, I don't think they were even looking for me. I mean, these debts date back to 2005/2006. They weren't on my credit report last year when I checked. I haven't received any letters in the mail from these companies.

Now, the Old Navy debt people asked for my address. I refused to give it to them. Then they asked for my phone number. I told the girl, "Sorry, but I am not giving out that information. I do not want to start getting phone calls all the time over something I don't even owe."

I mean, if they want my address, the credit bureaus have the current one. They could have sent me a darn letter. But no way am I giving up my phone number.

Of course, they probably had caller id and I will start getting calls anyway. Urgh.

Other than that, one thing was missing from my credit report - one of the debts. It was for siding on my house that I got back in 2004. I financed it on installment over 10 years. It isn't being reported. Which is odd because it was being reported last year, but all of a sudden, it isn't on my report anymore.

I tried to call that company to find out what the payoff balance is and I got a recording asking me to leave a message and someone would call me back with the information within 5 business days. Wow. Leave a message? Um, where is the customer service department? I didn't even get transferred to India.

But, I am trying to make sure everything gets wrapped up and in order. Check your credit report, you may be suprised at what you see!

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