Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, it has been a while....

a long while, at that.

I really don't even know what to say about my financial life. So I will just list things out....


1. I have not incurred any new debt.
2. I still have my $1,000 buffer in my checking account
3. I haven't touched the $450 in my local savings account.
4. I haven't touched the $1,000 in my BEF account
5. I have managed to save the close to $1700 for fall tuition with cash.
6. I have been able to pay at least the minimums on all of my debts. Not necessarily making good progress, but not falling behind is good.
7. We haven't gotten anywhere close to hungry. Actually, I think we are eating better now than before, mainly because I know I have no choice but to cook everynight. (Which I should have been doing before... we were pretty good about it, but still got take-out a couple of times per month.) *I know we are no where close to hungry because I have gained almost 15 pounds! That would be horrible, but I was probably too skinny before anyway.

1. My income was cut by more than 50%. Stressful.
2. I have not been able to really contribute to the household bills. Boyfriend taking care of everything. Which is wonderful of him and it is wonderful that he is not resentful of this fact. But I am. I hate not being able to contribute.
3. I have not been able to snowball anything. Which is heartbreaking considering the excellent progress I was making earlier this year.
4. The stress of earning 50% less is compounded by the fact that March will be my last GI Bill payment, although I will not graduate until May. That is another $1300 I will not see each month as income.

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